COD Mobile Fennec Best Gunsmith Loadout

Call of Duty Mobile is at its Season 6 now and still, there are some weapons which is dominating for a few seasons now, and fennec is one of them. This is an insane SMG that is used by every other player in the game now.

Today we are here to give you the best possible loadout for Fennec after testing all the best possible attachments for this gun.


Fennec is a Sub-Machine Gun that was released back in Season 11(2020). This weapon has got lots of nerfs and buffs and currently, it is one of the best weapons in the game. It has the fastest time to kill as the fire rate of this weapon is insane. It is most effective in close combat gunfights and also works decently in medium-range gunfights.

Fennec Best Slaying Loadout

This loadout is best for aggressive players, as it has fast ADS and movement speed. This loadout is mainly focused on improving ADS time and ADS movement speed. The Bullet spread accuracy has also been greatly improved.

It also has an extended magazine attached to it, as it has a very fast fire rate, and with this loadout, your weapon will also be silenced.


  • Barrel: YKM Integral Suppressor
  • Stock: No Stock
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape

Fennec Best /Stealth Loadout

This is another insane loadout for fennec, as it does not only have a suppressor attached to it but the damage range has also been increased with this loadout. ADS time and ADS Bullet spread accuracy have also been improved.

It has an Operator Foregrip attached to it which will reduce the recoil for this weapon. As fennec has a fast fire rate so an extended mag has also been used in this loadout.


  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: MIP Extended Light Barrel
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical
  • Underbarrel: Operator Foregrip
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A

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So that’s it for this post. Hopefully, this Fennec Gunsmith loadout guide will help you in this Season of COD Mobile and beyond. If you want us to post more such loadout articles, then let us know in the comments below.

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