Best Guns In Call of Duty Mobile Season 7

Best Guns In Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 (2021)

Struggling to find Best Guns In Call of Duty Mobile Season 7, then don’t worry today we are here with all the top guns with attachments. Every season Call of Duty Mobile brings various changes in the game, and each season some weapon gets nerfs and buffs in them which completely changes the choice of weapon for every player.

Today we are hereafter reviewing all the minor and major details of the guns, we are here with the Top 5 Best Guns in COD Mobile and its attachments, which will improve your gameplay and lead you to a flawless victory.

Top 5 Guns In Call of Duty Mobile

5. PP19 Bizon

This gun was released back in Season 3(2021) of Call of Duty Mobile and still has made its way in the top 5 list. This weapon is best for new players and is one of the easiest guns to use in the game. It is the most versatile weapon out of any other weapon and is effective in close and medium-range gunfights.

Here are the COD Mobile PP19 Bizon Best Gunsmith Loadout

4. MX9

This weapon is just released in the game with the new battle pass. It is a sub-machine gun that has a very fast fire rate and deals with a moderate amount of damage. This weapon is effective for close combat and sometimes in medium combat fights.

Here are the COD Mobile MX9 Best Gunsmith Loadout

3. Holger 26

After Season 2 an LMG (Light Machine Gun) has again made its place in top weapons in the game. It has great versatility and is very effective in medium and long-range gunfights. Once you get used to this weapon then it’s a complete beast.

Also like any other LMG, it comes with 100 bullets per mag so you will never run out of ammo during a gunfight. With this weapon, you can 4 shot players up to 25 meters that is an insane amount of damage for an LMG.

Here are the COD Mobile Holger 26 Best Gunsmith Loadout

2. Fennec

There are no doubts about this weapon being in the top 2 of this list. A complete insane weapon with insane time to kill. It comes with a crazy rage and has very good recoil control. It is the fastest gun in the game which also has amazing Hip-Fire accuracy.

Nothing is comparable with this weapon in close-range gunfights. It has a fire rate of 216 milliseconds until 20 meters which is completely insane in Call of Duty Mobile.

Here are the COD Mobile Fennec Best Gunsmith Loadout


AS VAL is completely insane in close and medium-range gunfights. It is an Assault Rifle that has the fastest fire rate and damage per shot is also very good. This is the only weapon from which you can challenge Fennec players in the game. It gets a little shaky in a longer-range fight but in other ranges, it is the best weapon currently in the game.

Here are the COD Mobile AS VAL Best Gunsmith Loadout

Honorable mention

1. HVK-30

Many players must be in shock to see HVK-30, but indeed it is one of the best weapons in the game. This weapon can easily 4 shot their enemies up to 31 meters (shots on upper arm and leg will not 4 shot) in the game.

2. Shorty

For the first time, a secondary weapon is coming near the top 5 list of weapons. Shorty is completely insane in close combat gunfight, as it works exactly like a shotgun and you can kill your enemies with 1 shot like any other shotgun.

The core advantage for this weapon is it is a secondary weapon which means with your primary weapon you can carry another amazing weapon which is a complete beast in close gunfights.

Here are the COD Mobile Shorty Best Gunsmith Loadout

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So that’s it for the post; which is your current favorite weapon inside Call of Duty Mobile? Do let us know in the comments below.

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