Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Confirmed With The New Activision Mobile Studio

Call of Duty Mobile is a big success for the developers, as it has now crossed over 500 million downloads worldwide. Call of Duty has released multiple titles till the date for mobile, PC, and Console. And after the big success of COD Mobile, there were various rumors about the developers planning to release COD Warzone for mobile devices.

Back in September 2020, Activision was recruiting for an “Executive Producer, Features” for a project called “WZM” which can be a nickname for Warzone Mobile. And now on June 7, 2021, we saw a new job listing for a “Mobile Producer” who will work at a new mobile dedicated development studio. This new studio is made for the development of a new AAA mobile game in the Call of Duty franchise, which may be Warzone Mobile.

About New Mobile Development Studio

Activision has released a new job listing for their newly established “Activision Mobile” that will only work for the development of future mobile game projects. This is mainly made to expand their mobile presence same as the Call of Duty: Mobile’s success. Also, it has been revealed that they are working on publishing operations and live services of Call of Duty: Mobile and a new AAA Call of Duty mobile game.

Also, as per their LinkedIn profile, Activision Mobile has put up new roles. Their teams are focused on Live Operations and content expansion across Call of Duty Mobile. They put on the new job listing for the development of their upcoming projects.

When Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Will Be Release?

There are several rumors that Warzone Mobile is expected to release at the end of this year, as the new Activision Mobile development studio has already started working on a new AAA Call of Duty franchise for the mobile platform. And there is a great chance that the new game which is under development is Warzone Mobile.

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So that’s it for the post; are you excited to see Call of Duty Warzone for Mobile Devices? Do let us know in the comments below.

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