COD Mobile Season 4(2021) Public Test Server (Updated); New Map, Weapon Changes, and Clan Wars

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 has already brought many new things in the game, and in the next update, the developers will officially release various new features like new Royale Fanfic Seasonal Challenge, Group Combat (MP), Capture the Flag (MP), Quick Hands Seasonal Challenge (Renetti), Swords & Stones (MP), Shoot the Ship 24/7 (MP), Tank Battles (BR), Credit Store Update, and Forged Steel Draw.

The developers in their Community Update have officially released its Beta Test Server which you can download on your mobile devices. This test server is available for both Android and iOS devices.

New Features Coming in Test Server?

Season 4 will bring much new and exciting content to the game, some of which has never been seen in the game. If we shortlist all the new features coming in next season which you can see in this test server are:

  • Clan Wars: As with any other mobile games clan war is a competitive war between 2 clans, in this one clan, can challenge another clan and can have a clan battle among them.
  • Weapon balance changes: AS Val (buff), NA-45 (nerf), multiple Operator Skills (nerfed) in BR
  • Dome: Its New Map will release in the next season. It is a pretty cool map that consists of both outdoor and underground locations. It has a various high spot which you can use as your advantage in the game.

How to Download Public Test Server?

Players can easily download the new Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Public Test Server from these downloading link:

For Android Users APK links:

For iOS Users:

Note: Also, many players face some problems for downloading the test server APK file, so if you are facing similar problems then you can try downloading the test server from other browsers than google chrome.

After downloading the Public Test Server you have to simply install it on your devices and log in using your Facebook account or as a guest, and test all the new and exciting content in the game.

User Limit to Public Test Server?

Call of Duty Mobile always allows a few limited numbers of players to access the server. This time the limit is set to 30,000-40,000 Users i.e., 10k per link. So make sure you download and log in to this server as soon as possible. Also once you log in to the test server you then can enter anytime.

How Long This Test Server Will Work?

Developers have mentioned that this test server will begin on April 30 (UTC) and this test end within the next week. Also, this time the test server is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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So stay tuned with us, and make sure you download the Public Beta Test Server ASAP. And comment below what do you think about the upcoming Season 4(2021) in Call of Duty Mobile.

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