Action Themed Games That Are Easy To Play

Tired of the same old games that you always play? Try out some of these action-themed games that are easy to play.

These fun games are full of action and excitement. They are perfect for when you want to do something different or if you are bored with your usual game choices.

When playing these games, you will want to make sure that the surrounding area is clear of people or anything that could be broken. You should also have access to plenty of water since most of these games require a lot of it!

1. Capture The Flag

Okay, this one isn’t exactly “new” but it’s still very popular among families and friends all over the world.

Capture The Flag is an exciting game where two teams try to capture each other’s flag while protecting their own…

Capture The Flag can be played almost anywhere, but is best played outside where there are no obstacles to run into…

While playing Capture The Flag, be careful not to get hit by powerful water blasts that could knock you out!

2. Water Balloon Volleyball

Here’s another classic game that has been around for years…

Water Balloon Volleyball requires at least four people to play…

There are three different ways to play this game:

1)  One person stands on each side of the net with a bucket or balloon filled with water and tries to dunk the other team’s members

2)  The players stand in a circle, hold hands, and try not to let go while the opposing team tries to break their hold

3)  Two players stand on each side of the net with a bucket or balloon filled with water and try to dunk as many members of the opposing team as possible

In this game, be careful not to get your eyes hit by a flying water balloon…

Also, remember that you may need some staking materials if playing outside…

3. Freeze Tag

A freeze tag is similar to a regular tag except that when a person gets “tagged”, they have to freeze in place until someone unfreezes them.

Freeze tag can be played outside where you can easily find flat surfaces for people to unfreeze.

While playing freeze tag, be careful not to get hit by powerful water blasts that could knock you out!

4. Water Tag

This game is similar to freeze tag except that when a person gets “tagged”, they have to hold onto the first place person until someone helps them…

The player who was “tagged” has to travel with the rest of the players until they find some sort of shelter or home base where they can be saved…

While playing water tag, make sure you don’t stand too close behind people since one little mistake could knock you out…

5. Wipeout

Wipeout is another great outdoor water game. This game requires at least two teams and several hoses.

When it’s your team’s turn, each member runs through a trail filled with hoses that spray out water.

The person at the end of the trail is “knocked” out if they get hit by any part of the hose.

Wipeout is a fun game just remember to play it with friends who are okay with getting wet. 

6. Water Cycling

Water cycling requires several players and two or more mountain bikes.

Each player has to ride their bike over ramps filled with water, so be careful not to fall off!.

While playing water cycling, make sure you wear proper safety gear, especially when riding down very high ramps. Also, don’t run into anything since that could also cause injuries.

These are some of the most popular and fun “action” themed games that we’ve ever played. If you’re looking for something new to play as an adult, perhaps casino games might be for you or as a family or as friends, a rather aggressive board game like monopoly might work – be sure to try out one (or all) of these great games.

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