Common issues of COD betting compared to other games

The Call Of Duty game series is a game played on several consoles, the most common of which is the PlayStation 4. The game is something like Battlefield in that it has two teams trying to complete objectives while having to kill each other. That’s where the similarities end though because unlike Battlefield there are no vehicles or different classes for characters to choose from. Instead, you can choose between many different guns and equipment depending on how well they fit your play style. Some people might be tempted to bet on Call Of Duty games due to their popularity but this article will show you why you should never wager money on them unless you want to lose all of it very quickly after doing so.

While Call Of Duty does have exciting gameplay sometimes, there are several reasons why you should never bet anything on it.

Weapon Rarities and Variants

The first thing that makes betting on Call Of Duty a bad idea is a fact that there are so many different guns to choose from, but they aren’t all equal. In particular, if you would even go as far as calling them ‘equal’ at all. Some have attachments such as scopes or suppressors which can affect your aim drastically if not used correctly. The problem with this is that these attachments come in rarities and can only be unlocked through random loot drops, meaning their availability depends entirely on luck rather than skill or time put into playing the game.

Another reason why Call Of Duty weapon variants shouldn’t concern betters is that they’re all balanced. This means that there’s no difference in power between a legendary gun and a standard one, which means you would have to rely on the benefits of attachments. This is even worse though since attachments can’t be unlocked sooner than their availability, meaning that you wouldn’t benefit from them at all in betting.


While the maps themselves might seem diverse and interesting to play on due to their sizes, setups and objectives, they do not change for every match so it is possible to learn them entirely if you try hard enough. That being said it is still a bad idea to bet when your opponents know the map better than you do since this gives them an advantage right from the start of each map which will end up costing you more money than you gain.

Campaigns and Zombies

Call Of Duty campaigns aren’t bad, but they are very short so there’s no point in betting on them. The campaign changes between games so even though the stories may be interesting it is still not worth your time or money to even try betting on it. Zombies have their own modes now so if you do decide to play some of them then the only thing that might suggest a wager is a fact that it isn’t as competitive as multiplayer matches. Even then, however, I’d advise against doing this since there are people who just spam zombies all day long which can ruin any fun for anyone playing properly.

To conclude, Call Of Duty has many problems with both its gameplay and how it runs its currency system. Weapon variants and attachments are not equal, maps can be learned by players and there isn’t much to bet on since most weapons aren’t very good for competitive play. Campaigns and zombies aren’t really worth betting on either so I would recommend staying away from wagers entirely if you’re new to this game or just don’t want to lose your money fast. Perhaps a better option if you are more calculative in odds and strategies is to try blackjack such as here:

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