Undead Siege COD Mobile Season 9

Undead Siege To Be Removed & Added Back In Season 9 COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile’s most famous mode Undead Siege is to be removed in Season 8 of the game and is scheduled to be added back in Season 9. Today, in this post we will give you information regarding why this mode will be removed in season 8 and then again will be added back in Season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile.

When Was Undead Siege Mode Released In COD Mobile?

This is a very popular mode that is loved by the COD community for a very long time. This mode was officially released in Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile and has created a huge hype among the players in the game. This mode was released as a new Zombie mode in the game which was titled “Undead Siege” in COD Mobile.

Why Undead Siege Mode Will be Removed From Season 8 of COD Mobile?

Although players love to play this mode, then also this mode is getting removed from Season 8 of the game. Activision is temporarily taking this mode down as they need time to update this mode with more new contents and also to test out those contents before they are globally released.

This announcement was officially made by the official Twitter account of COD Mobile. In their tweet, they stated that;

Thank you all for the excitement and appreciation of this mode! It has inspired us to expand, support, and update the mode. With that said, Undead Siege will be leaving Call of Duty: Mobile this season, but it will return with more in S9

Is Undead Siege Mode Will Be Released With Season 9 of COD Mobile?

Yes, the undead siege mode is coming back in Season 9 with lots of new features in the game. This mode will be fully updated in Season 9 and the developers have already put lots of hope for this updated version of this mode, so we hope it will be amazing.

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So that’s it for this post. Hopefully, Undead Siege mode will come with a boom in Season 9 of COD Mobile and beyond. What are your thoughts about this, do let us know in the comments below.

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