How To Unlock Heartbeat Sensor and NA-45 Skin For Free In Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 has just been released and it has released many new and exciting content in the game. This season has brought many new things such as new Weapons, Themes, New Maps, Scorestreak, Modes, Perks, And Much More.

Today in this post we will explain to you how you can unlock the new Tactical “Heartbeat Sensor” for free and also get NA-45 Iron Hunter and Pharo Carrion.

What is a Heartbeat Sensor?

Heartbeat Sensor is a tablet which displays nearby enemies location. It is a tablet that helps you to locate any enemies by detecting their heartbeat. This can be very useful in ranked matches as if there is a 1v1 fight, so you can use this and move around the map to know your enemy’s location.

How To Unlock Heartbeat Sensor For Free?

Developers have recently released this Heartbeat Sensor in the game through an in-game seasonal Under Pressure event and players have to complete the following missions to unlock this perk:

  • Use UAV scorestreak 3 times in MP Matches
  • Throw 10 tactical grenades in MP Matches
  • Kill 10 enemies with the Dead Silence Perk equipped
  • Use the trophy system 5 times in MP Matches

After completing these missions your Heartbeat Sensor will be unlocked and you can also get NA-45 Iron Hunter and Pharo Carrion skin for free if you complete these missions:

  • Win 3 games with the High Alert Perk equipped
  • Use Heartbeat Sensor 5 times in MP Matches

Note: Players have to complete these missions in chronological order as mentioned above.

What Is The Time Frame To Get This Heartbeat Sensor For Free In The Game

Players can unlock the Heartbeat Sensor for free in the game by doing the above missions. The time frame to unlock this perk is approximately 30 Days from now. After this time frame, the seasonal challenge will get over, and then in the future, the developers might put it in the Credit shop for some amount.

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So if you never want to lose sight of your enemies then go and get this sensor now. And that’s it for this post, and don’t forget to share it with your friends so that they can also unlock this sensor for free in the game. Stay tuned with COD Mobile Nuke for more such COD Mobile posts. And if you have any more queries, then let us know in the comments below.

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