Rank Series 2 Coming Along With Season 4(2021) Of Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 is at its final stage now and with that, the rank reset series 1 is also about to end. In our earlier post, we have already told you about the leaks of upcoming Season 4 like New Weapons, New Ranked Map Voting, New Grenade Animation, Characters, and much more.

With the release of Season 4, the developers will also release the Rank Series 2 which will once again reset every player’s rank in the game. So if you were currently in Legendary, then you will be automatically be demoted to Pro I Rank. But wait you will get to earn new rank rewards as your rank gets promoted.

Rank Series 2 Coming In Season 4 (2021) Of Call of Duty Mobile

In Call of Duty Mobile, every player’s rank has been reset with the new Rank Series. A new Rank Series is released every 2 months, and with the new rank series, every player’s rank has been reset once again. Now the player’s in-game rank will be reset and with that, the race to top the leaderboard will start again.

Rank Series 2 will demote every player’s rank by 2 levels. The developers released this concept so that every player gets a chance to reach the top of the leaderboard and the game’s leaderboard can be refreshed. So players get ready and start grinding once again to reach the legendary again or even to top the leaderboard.

How Rank Reset System Works And Your Rank After The Rank Reset?

The below table will show you what your new rank will be after the reset against your current rank in Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 of Rank Series 1(2021).

Current Rank (Season 1)New Rank (Season 2)
Rookie I,II,III,IV & VRookie I
Veteran IRookie II
Veteran IIRookie III
Veteran III & IVRookie IV
Elite I & Veteran VRookie V
Elite II & IIIVeteran I
Elite IV & VVeteran II
Pro I & IIVeteran III
Pro III & IVVeteran IV
Pro VVeteran V
Master IElite I
Master IIElite II
Master IIIElite III
Master IVElite IV
Master VElite V
LegendaryPro I

In the above table, you can see the average rank is demoted to almost 2 ranks down, for example; if you are at legendary rank now then after this rank rest you will be demoted to Pro I; likewise, if you are in Master rank, you will be demoted to Elite rank.

Rank Series 2 Free Rewards

With the release of every new Rank Series, the developers also release certain rewards for the players which they as soon as their rank gets promoted in the game. The rank rewards in the next series is very exciting and fascinating as players will get:

Seraph – BlackGold: Seraph had always held a special place in the heart of every player in the community. And this time developers are giving Seraph Black Gold skin to players as a reward in the new rank series. Players can get Seraph BlackGold skin for free at Master III of Battle Royal Mode.

KN-44 – Championship Mindset: This is an epic skin of KN-44 that players can get for free at Master III of Ranked Multiplayer mode in the game.

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So that’s it for the post; stay tuned for the upcoming leaks. If you still have any unanswered questions, then do let us know in the comments section below.

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