Top 10 Call of Duty Mobile Professional Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty Mobile is a free-to-play shooter mobile game. It is a fast-paced mobile that brings lots of exciting and new content every season in the game. This game has crossed over 500 million downloads worldwide according to developer Activision. Activision said that this brought in “tens of millions of new players” to the mobile game.

With the tremendous growth of Call of Duty Mobile, there are many new players in the game and the competition has been tremendously increased in the game. The player now need new tips and tricks to improve their gameplay and to get ahead of their opponents during the gunfight.

Today we are here with the Top 10 Pro Tips and Tricks that will help you get ahead of your opponents and help you improve your gameplay in the game. Some of these tips are used by professional players of Call of Duty Mobile in the game.

Top 10 Pro Tips and Tricks For Multiplayer Mode

These tips and tricks will help you to improve your gameplay in the game. Also, these tips and trick are only for Multiplayer Mode only and it will help you to win your Ranked multiplayer matches easily.

10. Play With Movement Mechanics

While engaging in the gunfights players must always try to take the cover of the obstacles which has been placed around the map. It helps the player to dodge the enemy’s bullets and also gives a chance to safely reload your weapon in the middle of the gunfight.

For example, if you are taking cover of a vehicle then your head is still visible to enemies and if they have precise aim then they can take you down, so while taking cover you can prone behind the vehicle and easily dodge and wait for your enemies mag to run out and then peak out and take them down.

9. Always Move Around The Map

Call of Duty Mobile is a very fast-paced mobile game, and if you think you can stick to one location and win the match then it is not true. Players should always move around the map, and should not stick in one location. As your enemies always have UAVs that can pinpoint your location to them and they can easily push on you with flashes and grenades.

8. Use Throwables Wisely

Throwables plays a vital role in the game, as there are various throwables like a grenade, thermite, smoke, stun, Molotov, and much more which you can use as your advantage in your game. Players if already know their enemy’s location can use the throwable and take them down. Also, if a player stuck in any tricky situation can use smoke to extract from that place.

Throwables can be used to defend the bomb sites, as if you have few seconds left to detonate the bomb then you can simply throw a Molotov or thermite on the bomb and secure it for few seconds. It can also be used to stop enemies from entering the site, as you can place Molotov on one gate and it will give you few seconds to stop enemies from entering the site.

7. Check Every Corner

Although Call of Duty Mobile is a fast-paced game, then also many players have a tendency to camp in the corners around the map. In these situations you don’t even get a chance to shoot, so you should always check the corners while entering any location and make sure that you don’t get killed by the campers.

Checking every corner is very important and if you are playing scrims, or competitive then make this your habit in the game. As this will help you very much in the game, also it enhances your overall gameplay in the game.

6. Instantly Take Down Scorestreaks

Scorestreaks are a very crucial part of the game, and there are so many tips on what scorestreaks to use or how to use them properly, but no one talks about defending from a scorestreaks. In Call of Duty Mobile, Scorestreaks can turn a losing game into a winning game.

Many players do not take down the enemy’s scorestreaks and blindly play their game, also many players start hiding from the enemy’s scorestreaks like VTOL, XS1 Goliath, Stealth Chopper Sentry Gun, etc. A player should never hide from these scorestreaks and try to take them down instantly. It only takes 3 SMRS shot to take down a VTOL, so next time instead of hiding from it just pull out your SMRS and take them down instantly.

5. Keep Your Graphics Setting Optimized

This is one of the most common tips referred to by everyone in the community. Many players have a mindset that high graphics give you the best experience in the game, but wait indeed it gives you the best experience in the game but keeping high graphics supports your device. It is possible that your phone supports Ultra HD graphics but still renders low FPS.

So always keep your graphics setting optimized, if your phone does render low FPS and you should consider keeping your graphics setting to medium or even low. As higher FPS will help your taps on the screen to get registered faster in the game and it will be a huge advantage over your enemies in the game.

4. Smart Reload Cancel

Reload in between a gunfight is one of the major reasons to lose a gunfight in the game. As in some intense situations, players spray their full magazine and they start to reload in the middle of the match and lose a gunfight due to the same.

So in these stations, while reloading players instead of waiting for the full reload animation, they can simply see the bullets bar (where you can see how many bullets you have left) and as soon as it goes from 0 to 30 you can start shooting again. It means you don’t have to wait for the full reload animation to complete you just have to start shooting as the magazine bar has gone to its reload limit.

3. Always Use Strafing While Shooting

Strafing is one of the best techniques to dodge enemy bullets and control your aim properly. Strafing means aim sight to sight with your ADS on. In simple words, it means while shooting you should always move left and right to avoid enemy bullets as it will be hard for your enemies to aim if you are moving while shooting.

Strafing is one of the best ways which is mostly used by the professional’s players in the game. It is not easy to control at first, but once you get used to it, then it will enhance your gameplay to the next level. Also, you can strafe while hip firing on your enemies in close combat situations.

2. Pre-aim At Entry Locations

While moving always keep your crosshair at the middle of your screen. A player’s crosshair should never be aiming down-sight, as players should keep it wherever they think their enemies may come from. Always try to predict your enemy’s location or places where they might come.

If you have no idea where your enemies may come from then you can pre-aim at any entry point of that location. It will help you to shoot your enemies even before they start shooting at you. On the other hand, if you are entering any location then try to pre-aim at the locations where you predict the enemies can be.

1. Always Play With Headglitches

This is one of the most important tips while playing Call of Duty Mobile. Headglitches are basically when you hide behind any obstacles and only your head or upper body is visible to your enemies. In this situation, your enemies have to aim very preciously to shoot at you, whereas you can see them and take them down.

While engaging in any gunfights always try to find any obstacles from where you can aim at your enemies without showing your full body to your enemies, as it gives you the advantage to take down your enemies easily.

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So that’s it for this post. Hopefully, these  Call of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks help you become a pro player in the game and will help you in this Season of COD Mobile and beyond. If you want us to post more such tips and tricks articles, then let us know in the comments below.

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