Rambo And John McClane Coming In Call of Duty Mobile, Warzone, And Cold War on May 20

Call of Duty Mobile always brings new and exciting content in the game, and this time Activision is here with another big surprise mid-event. As earlier the Rambo and John McClane Operators have been teased for Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold War, but now these are also set to arrive in COD Mobile as part of a joint midseason event.

Developers through their official Twitter account posted a teaser, in which you can see a dialog “To survive a war…Become war” which is from the 1985 movie ‘Rambo First Blood Part II’ and at the end of the teaser you can also see a glimpse of Rambo character.

This event is set to release on May 20 featuring Rambo and McClane and will be available for Call of Duty Mobile, Warzone, and Cold War. Rambo is a character for the movie “Rambo” and McClane is a character from the movie “Die Hard”, both of these movies are one of the best action pack movies in the movie universe.

This event was earlier set to be released later in Call of Duty Mobile with the upcoming Season 4, but the developers have now decided to release it as an early release event of Season 4 in the game along with COD Warzone, and Cold War.

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So stay tuned with us, and how excited are you to see your favorite action heroes in the game. Stay tuned with COD Mobile Nuke for more such COD Mobile News. And if you have any more queries, then let us know in the comments below.

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