Holger-26, MK 2 Marksman, And Chopper Akimbo Coming In Season 4(2021) Of COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has recently reached 500 million downloads and the developers said that the March season (season 2) of COD Mobile was its highest-grossing yet. Season 4 is already making so much hype in the community, as there is lots of new content leaked about the next season in the test server.

In our last post we have already told you about the COD Mobile Season 4(2021) Leaks; Release Date, New Maps, Guns, Perks, and Much More. Today we are here with a leak about the new weapons coming in Season 4 of COD Mobile.

New Weapons Coming In Season 4 of COD Mobile

1. Holger-26

Holger-26 is an LMG(Light Machine Gun) with Assault Rifle conversion. It was earlier seen in the COD Warzone. Being an LMG it has a mag capacity of this weapon 100 bullets per mag. Holger-26 has great accuracy, and ADS speed is quite decent if compared to other LMGs.

There has been a long time that a new LMG has been released in the game, but now finally a new LMG will be released in the game. This weapon will be available at tier 21 for free in Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile.

2. MK 2 Marksman

In Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile, the developers will be adding another weapon in the Marksman category i.e., MK 2. This weapon is based on the old marksman rifles. It will be added as a one-shot kill weapon with a magazine capacity of 6 bullets per mag.
As we already know Season 4 will nerf all the snipers in the game, and it will be very exciting to see how this weapon performs in the next season.

3. Sickle

Season 4 is bringing so many amazing things in the game and with that, the developers are also adding this new melee “Sickle”. It will be released in the next season, although there is official confirmation about how the player can get it in the game, it is confirmed that it will be released in Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile.

4. Chopper Akimbo

Chopper is an LMG(Light Machine Gun) in the game. Before been nerfed it was one of the best weapons in the game, as it was effective for medium and long-range fights. In the next Season, an Akimbo version of this weapon will be released in which you have 2 chopper side by side, which you can shoot with Hip-fire only.

If we talk about the current game scenario there are only 2 guns the Fennec & .50GS which have their akimbo version in the game. And after the update, there is a possibility that Chopper’s akimbo version will be released.

Note: Chopper Akimbo is releasing early in the game along with the Rambo and McClane Event.

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So stay tuned with us, and what do you think about these upcoming weapons of Season 4 in the game. Stay tuned with COD Mobile Nuke for more such COD Mobile News. And if you have any more queries, then let us know in the comments below.

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