COD Mobile: Zombie Mode Is Coming Back!

In our last post, we have already told you that Call of Duty Mobile has officially released the new Public Test Server in which you can check the weapon balance changes that are coming in the future.

The developers have recently released their new Community Update in which they have announced to bring the Zombie mode back in the game, which was officially removed by the developers a year ago. This time Zombie mode will come with lots of new and exciting things and you will see an updated version of this mode.

Where The Return Of Zombie Mode Has Been Announced?

Activision has recently released its community update on Reddit in which they have clearly stated to bring back the Zombie mode in the game. This time it will be an updated version of Zombie mode, so players get ready to hunt down some zombies in the game.

Will Zombie Map “Shi No Numa” Also Be Released?

Yes, in the community update they have mentioned that they will release the original zombie map “Shi No Numa” in the game. But for now, this map will be released only for the Chinese version, and for the global version, it will be released later this year with a new zombie experience.

Why Zombie Mode Was Removed From The Game?

The developers made this decision to remove zombie mode from the game as was the mode was not able to meet the expectations of the developers. They also stated that they are temporarily removing the zombie mode from the game and soon they will bring it back with a better experience. Seems like they kept their word and finally bringing this mode back to the game.

When It Will Be Officially Released?

Activision has not given an official release date for the release of this mode, but they stated that it will be soon available for the Chinese version, and for the global version it will be expected to release later this year.

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So stay tuned with us, as we will let you know as soon as the zombie mode will drop in the game. And do let us know in the comments below how excited are you for the upcoming zombie mode.

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