Call of Duty Mobile Season 2(2021): Release Date, New Weapons, Perks, Maps, and More

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 is in its final stage now, and with that, there have been various confirmed leaks about the next season. These leaks were officially released on Twitter and in Public Test Server, and today in this post we will inform you about all the upcoming things which are going to be released in Season 2 of Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 “Day of Reckoning” Release Date and Theme

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 will end on 10 March 2021. The developers have set to release the next season Season 2; Day of Reckoning on 11 March 2021 at 5:30 IST.

Season 1 theme was based on high-tech style and future tech, so now developers have decided to release a completely different theme from this season. So Season 2 is based more on a military and urban theme.

New Weapons and Melee Coming in Season 2(2021)

  • AS VAL: An Russian Assault Rifle which was earlier seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This weapon comes with an in-build suppressor, which makes this weapon more deadly. This weapon is definitely gonna be the META gun for the next season, as now players don’t have to use one extra attachment for suppressing the weapon, and this makes this gun an overpowered weapon. It will be available in Battle Pass of Season 2.
  • SP-R 208: Another weapon will be added in the Marksman Rifle category. It has high accuracy and is one shot to head, whereas it requires 3 body shot to kill your enemies. It’s not an overpowering weapon, but we might see a buff for this weapon in the future.
  • Gloves: In season 2 a new melee will be added, titled Boxing Gloves/ Golden Gloves which is the same as another melee. It is a one-shot weapon and effective in close-range encounters.

New Maps Coming in Season 2(2021)

  • Shoot House: This map was earlier seen in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and now finally releasing in Call of Duty Mobile. This map has plenty of targets to practice, it consists of buildings, containers, and looks like a typical shoot house.
  • Along with Shoot House, three other maps are releasing in the next season, Shipment from Modern Warfare, Satellite from Black Ops Cold War, and the much-awaited Oasis map. And these will be available for Team Death Match, Domination, Hard Point, Kill Confirmed, and more!

New Ghost Voice

The ghost from Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019), which has been voiced by Jeff Leach is now finally after the request of many players is coming in the Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 update.

New Perks

  • Overlock: This is a Red perk, which will help you to increase your charging speed of operator skill.
  • Recon: It is a Green perk, which helps to locate other nearby enemies whenever you kill an enemy. It displays other enemy locations nearby the enemy’s dead location and displays the same in the mini-map.
  • Skillful Dropshot: This is a blue perk, which will allow you to open ADS during lying down(crouch), but it reduces the ADS accuracy.

New Premium Battle Pass Rewards

  • New epic Blueprints: AS VAL – Judgement, M4LMG – Checkpoint, KRM-262 – Eagle Claw and BK57 – Data Miner
  • New epic Soldiers: Mace – Back For More, Mara – Awakening, Alex and Special Ops 2 – Brute
  • New Legendary Calling Cards

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So stay tuned with us. And comment below what are your favorite things that are coming in Season 2 (2021) in Call of Duty Mobile.

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