Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 Delayed!

Call of Duty Mobile is an online free to play shooter mobile game, which has both Multiplayer and Battle Royal modes in it. It is one of the biggest mobile game in the history of mobile games. It has over 250 million downloads by June 2020 and is available for both IOS and Android devices.

Why Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 Has Been Extended?

Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 has been extended as in Season 13 there will be many new things such as new weapons like Peacekeeper and MP7, new maps such as an updated version of Nuketown and Raid (snow version) and new Snow theme as it is Christmas time. The developers need more time to make the next season more smooth and bugs free.

When will Season 12 End?

Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 was earlier set to end on 16 December but now it has been extended. As you can clearly on the Battle Pass timer that it has been extended by 5 days so now Season 12 is going to end on 21 December.

When Will Season 13 Is Going To Be Released?

As Christmas is getting closer and the developers are planning to release their next Snow themed season before Christmas. So now they will release Season 13 on 22 December 2020. Season 13 will be released at 5:30 IST.

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So are you ready to let go of the Dark and bring some snow in the game? Stay tuned with us, and comment below what do you think about the upcoming Season 13 in Call of Duty Mobile.

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