Call of Duty Mobile: Overkill Perk Release Date

Call of Duty Mobile is a very popular game, and it is not only famous for its Battle Royal mode but also know for its Multiplayer mode. The developers of this game always amaze its players by bringing some exclusive content in the game.

The developers of COD Mobile announced a new red perk a while ago, i.e., Overkill perk, which was set to be released a few months back, but it hasn’t been released until now. But today, we are here with the official news regarding Overkill Perk.

What is Overkill Perk?

Overkill perk is a red perk officially announced by the developers in the game a while ago. But till now, this perk is not released in the game. This perk is handy in the game, as once equipped can be used to carry two primary weapons simultaneously. When the Overkill perk is equipped, a player can carry an extra primary weapon instead of a secondary weapon. So, for instance, you can carry HG-40 and Locus at the same time.

When will Overkill Perk Release in COD Mobile?

In the recent Call of Duty Mobile Community Update, someone commented, asking about Overkill Perk’s release in the game. To which the official Call of Duty Mobile account replied: “Hey, we mentioned it in some community update a while back, but basically we haven’t released it yet because it has a significant effect on weapon balance, and we don’t feel ready yet to add that into the mix after how much Gunsmith has changed it all up“.

This makes it very clear that Overkill Perk is nowhere near its release in COD Mobile, the perk was originally scheduled to release in Season 8, but that never happened. It looks like the developers are now not even sure whether to release it or not. So Overkill Perk might have been scrapped permanently; if not, it will still take a long time before it will come to COD Mobile.

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So that’s it for the post; what are your thoughts about the Overkill perk’s release in the Call of Duty Mobile? Have the developers made the right decision, or they should just release it in the very next season of the game. Do let us know your views in the comments below. 

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