Call of Duty Mobile: How To Get New Sniper Rifle “NA-45” For Free

Call of Duty Mobile is celebrating its first anniversary this season. The developers have already said that they will not celebrate their anniversary day; instead, they will celebrate it for the entire month. Season 11 has already been released with lots of new exciting things.

The developers have now released a new Sniper rifle in the game, i.e., NA-45. It is added as the new Sniper rifle, which you can get for free in the game. This rifle can be easily acquired from seasonal events as Elite Marksman in the game.

NA-45 is very different from other sniper rifles. As it does not shoot simple bullets, but it shoots explosive bullets that can be easily placed anywhere, and ‘Boom’ it will explode. With this rifle, you don’t have to shoot a person; you just need to shoot it anywhere near your enemies, and it will automatically explode.

NA-45 is very efficient for Domination mode as you just have to shoot at the flag, and that’s it. It’s like spraying explosives at your enemies. The only negative point for this gun is that it only contains 1 bullet in its magazine. The 1st bullet is the explosive, and 2nd bullet is its detonator.

You can acquire this sniper rifle for free just by completing these simple tasks. But remember, you have to complete these tasks in chronological order.

  1. Kill 10 Enemies with Agile Perk Equipped
  2. Kill 5 Enemies with Sniper Rifle
  3. Earn Long Shot Medal 5 times
  4. Kill 15 Enemies with any Sniper Equipped with Any 2 Attachments
  5. Kill 20 Enemies with any Sniper Equipped with Any 5 Attachments
  6. Kill 20 Enemies with Outlaw Sniper Rifle Equipped with Any Laser
  7. Kill 20 Enemies with Outlaw Sniper Rifle Equipped with Any Optic
  8. Kill 20 Enemies with Outlaw Sniper Rifle Equipped with Any 4 Attachments

Also, if we talk about this new sniper rifle’s attachments, then it’s almost the same as the other snipers in the game. The only difference is it does not support grip.

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So that’s it for the post; any player who has a fantastic aim with sniper-like Locus and DLQ 333 will break the game with this new gun. What do you guys think? Do let us know in the comments below.

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