Download COD Mobile Season 9 Test Server 3.0 APK

In the last month, Activision has already hosted two public test server of Call of Duty Mobile, which showcased upcoming features of Season 9 and 10 of the game. All the players (also us) who were lucky enough to get into these test servers were absolutely amazed to see new perks, guns, and gun customization features amongst other features, which are scheduled to release soon in COD Mobile.

We have good news for the players who did not get a chance to get into the previous test servers. The Call of Duty Mobile developers has released a new test server today on 5 August 2020, and in this post, we will teach you how to Download Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Test Server 3.0 APK. So let’s begin:

COD Mobile Season 9 New Test Server APK:

On the official Reddit forum of COD Mobile, the developer has just announced the release of Test Server 3.0. As usual, they have shared the download link of the APK as well. COD Players can simply download the APK of the new server via this Download Link.

Once the download is complete, install the APK file and enjoy all the new upcoming features of COD Mobile.

What to Do if I am getting Connection Error?

Many of the users have claimed that while entering into the Test server, a Connection Error pop-ups on the screen. If it happens with you as well, Simply Download any VPN (we recommend UFO Vpn) and connect to USA Server.

Now restart the COD Mobile Test Server APK, and it should work just fine. Once you reach into the game, you can close the VPN as well.

Other things You Should Know:

  • Call of Duty Mobile Test server is only available to a limited number of players on first come first server. This time Activision has set the limit to the first 10,000 players for this Season 9 Test Server 3.0 version.
  • Usually, the limit gets full in around 24 hours, so make sure you quickly download the APK file and login into the game once. This will fix your seat in the test server.
  • The Test Server is only available for Android Users and is expected to end in a week.

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So that is it for this post; hopefully, you guys get into the test server. If you are facing any kind of issues, then do let us know in the comments below, and we will try to guide you.

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