COD Mobile Season 9 Update To Fix Desync Issue

Call of Duty Mobile is no doubt considered as the best multiplayer shooting mobile game currently available in the market. The daily active users might not be as high as PUBG Mobile, but COD Mobile is slowly getting there by breaking records of its competitive games with each new coming day.

The current season of Call of Duty Mobile has gained massive popularity between the players, and almost everyone gave positive feedback for the same. But every player just pointed out one issue with the game that ruins all the fun and it the ‘Desync Issue.’

What is Desync?

Don’t worry; unlike everyone else in the gaming industry, we won’t confuse you with technical terms. To put it into very simple words – in a multiplayer game, the data packets are sent over the internet, and it takes time to reach the server and then back to the respective clients.

Therefore due to the time taken in the process, when you make a move on your screen, it will take a few extra milliseconds for the others to see it on their screen.

How is Desync a problem in COD Mobile?

If you have died multiple times even after you have reached behind a cover, then you died because of the Desync. Again to explain to you in simple words, let’s say you and an enemy are face to face, and you try to run and take a cover. On your screen, you come safely behind a cover, but you still die. This happens because, on the enemy screen, you are yet to reach behind the cover.

However, this delay is merely of a few milliseconds, but it completely ruins your game, especially if you are a try-hard player. This is why all the COD Mobile streamers always keep complaining of dying because of Desync Issues.

Is it possible to fix Desync?

At the moment, humans have not yet developed the technology which can send and receive data instantly. The data packets take time to go from one place to another.

However, Desync can be minimized to almost zero, which means there will hardly be a delay of 5-10 MS, which is not even noticeable. But that can only be achieved by very high-speed internet, and location should also be close to the server.

When Will Desync Issue Get Fixed in COD Mobile?

Desync issue is a major issue in COD Mobile; in every match, you can expect to die 3-4 times extra because of the Desnyc. Many players have already complained about this and thankfully the developers of the game are also aware of this issue.

In an official community update, the Call of Duty Mobile team posted that Desync Issue will be either be fixed entirely or significantly improved in the Season 9 Update.

Once the Desync issue is fixed in Call of Duty Mobile, we are very sure it will be the best possible game to play on mobile devices. How happy are you to know that Desync Issue is finally getting fixed? Do let us know in the comments below.

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